Case Study: Home-Schooled Ekim

Editor: Mine Soysal

The world can only be saved by inventors, not the artificial intelligence!

Aslı Der, the beloved author of Sheroks the Little Witch (Küçük Cadı Şeroks) Trilogy, which became the bedside book hundreds of thousands of children, this time is taking her readers to a walk through the mysterious halls of the science world. With this fascinating fiction about the improvements in the field of artificial intelligence, the author is touching many current issues such as the importance of socializing in childhood, over-protective families, global warming and migration. While narrating a scientific experiment, the author is giving thought-provoking clues about the human kind that is getting prepared to share a future with robots and arguing the sense of responsibility and notion of inner conscience. While Taking the readers to a philosophical journey between dreams and reality, the story is strolling on the borders of science fiction.


Home-Schooled Ekim is a clever child. With the encouragement of his enthusiastic parents, he participates in an experiment where he meets with a robot named YAZ. Purpose of the experiment is to observe the human kind’s social interactions and abilities through their dreams. As Ekim is obliged to find a new story for each session, he moves out of the apartment complex he has been living and get in touch with a neighborhood for the first time in his life. From that moment on, fascinating discoveries, unexpected friendships and the questions that need to be answered for the future of the world are awaiting him.

184 pages
120×180 mm
1st edition: 2019
5th edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-605-9405-90-4

5th edition

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