From the depths of sleep to the possibility of another life: Case Study Home Schooled Ekim

Umut Dağlarİleri Haber19.07.2020

While the gates of science lead us on an immense journey, our paths may intersect with those on the other side of the world in the Impossible Things Haberdashery… The depths of a sleep can open us the doors of a future. And the goals we have lost, can write the story of getting out of a pit and holding on to people and life tightly…

Environmental issues, freedom, awareness… Even though all these seem to be unconnected, they are actually related, theoretically and practically inseparable subjects. Of course, many titles come with them, but to internalize them in our daily life and transfer them to our children from our own experiences; producing for what’s here, all come across as compelling actions.

The hero of our book, Ekim, comes across all this when he leaves his special and “very” fortunate world presented to him. However, Ekim has a lot of knowledge about everything. But he doesn’t know how far he is from the Impossible Things Haberdashery… Or that even though he has many friends from other parts of the world, he will find real friendship sitting at a desk, creating projects that will change the world… And when he loses seven goals in a row, as a first time goalie, he learns that it is possible to change a life.

While Ekim takes part as a test subject in an experiment, he also finds himself in those endless paths of science. While very excited about the experiment on artificial intelligence, he gets the chance to question the life he had lived up to then — and yes, from when he was very tiny — again. While asking questions and researching are the most characteristic qualities of Ekim, this time he is much more excited about what he encounters and what he finds.

Case Study Home Schooled Ekim; while it spreads accross many themes on its pages such as artificial intelligence, environmental problems, global warming, migration and so on, it also draws our children into an entertaining story. Science is not always an interesting topic for children. But we are sure of this: Science and everything that belongs to the world we live in are everywhere, even if we do not mention it among our day to day affairs! Aslı Der, in Case Study Home Schooled Ekim, besides ensuring that our children internalize the world they live in both emotionally and scientifically; she reveals the parts of them that investigate, ask questions and never stop to wonder. In addition to all these, with our hero Ekim, she carries our children beyond the “sheltered” world created by their parents. To the streets, to the Impossible Things Haberdashery, to a different world that reaches out from inside a well…The concepts of freedom and friendship enter our childrens’ world as they become aware of and discover so much with Ekim.

Aslı Der gives many messages to parents, while she takes children on a breathtaking journey through the colorful and mysterious corridors of the scientific world. That the world we build for our children – even though we want the best and strive for it – will not always get the results as we imagine them; that “freedom comes not with momentary doings, but through thoughtful actions”, that we need to trust the cognitive and emotional worlds of children, and of course, that we need to hold them tightly while all of this is taking place…

Case Study Home Schooled Ekim is the story of awareness for our children, the liberation from the gates of the apartment complex to the streets, how we can change the world from inside a well; the mysterious doors of science and the ability to ask questions…

***Case Study Home Schooled Ekim, Aslı Der, Gunisigi Kitapligi, 2019, 183 pages.